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Community Action Works

Unknowingly drinking contaminated water

In the town of Fairfield, Maine, Lawrence and Penny Higgins and their neighbors are fighting to protect their community from toxic water contamination.

But this contamination isn’t just in Fairfield.

“Thousands of people in New England are drinking contaminated water and don’t know it. Safe water should be a given, not a privilege.”
– Lawrence Higgins

Sign the petition to set a strong, enforceable, national drinking water standard for PFAS chemicals.

Across the country, 200 million people are estimated to be drinking water contaminated by “forever” chemicals known as PFAS. These chemicals are known to cause cancer, kidney disease, and other serious health problems.

When Lawrence and Penny found out their community’s water was polluted, the many health problems he sees in his community started to make sense. And what’s worse is that chemical manufacturers knew that PFAS were toxic and kept producing them anyway.

We need a major change in our chemical regulatory system. But right now, we need to protect contaminated communities from toxic drinking water.

Join us in calling on the Biden administration to enact a strong, enforceable drinking water standard for PFAS chemicals nationwide.

Together, we can stop PFAS contamination. Thanks for taking action.

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