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Community Action Works


21st of July 2020

Mass Power Forward Coalition Responds to Attorney General Decision on Brookline Gas Moratorium

Mass Power Forward Coalition Responds to Attorney General Decision on Brookline Gas Moratorium Today the Attorney General’s office announced a long-awaited decision on the 2019 Brookline ordinance that sought to eliminate the use of explosive gas in new building construction. The municipal ordinance was modeled after similar efforts in California municipalities, including the city of […]

26th of June 2020

Why We Changed Our Name

Our work has grown stronger year after year thanks to members like you who know that real, lasting change takes root when people get together and take action at the local level. So, why change now? Well, we’re not. Our mission and vision will always be the same. But our name is changing, and here’s why.

25th of June 2020

Working to decommission the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is a power plant located in Plymouth, MA on the shore of the Cape Cod Bay. Construction to this site began in 1967 and the plant was given a 40-year license for operation. Pilgrim closed on May 31, 2019, thanks to decades of sustained community action. This has led to the decommissioning with a closure date of May 2019.

15th of June 2020

Open Letter to Governor Sununu on COVID-19

We understand that in the context of a crisis of this scale, sometimes steps must be taken that deviate from the norm to address acute needs. At the same time, and with important progress over the years to protect and restore the health of our environment and communities, we want to ensure that any actions taken by the state during this crisis are consistent with and do not undermine New Hampshire’s efforts to advance environmental protection and our communities’ health and safety.

22nd of May 2020

One river, a community of leaders, and corporate pollution

For years, the General Electric Company (GE) polluted the Berkshires in Massachusetts with PCBs before the toxics were banned by the EPA. And for years since, community leaders have been fighting for a full cleanup of the Housatonic River that holds GE accountable for that pollution. Now, you can watch a short film telling the story of the Housatonic River and the activists who have fought to clean it up.

Hold this polluter accountable for Maine’s air

It was just over a year ago that neighbors in South Portland, Maine found out that Global Partners—the energy company that owns 12 oil tanks in the city— had been exceeding the legal limit for air pollution. Now, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is set to review a new permit from Global Partners—this time allowing pollution five times higher than currently permitted.

7th of May 2020

Launching the Digital Organizing Toolbox

You’re ready to lead winning campaigns to clean up and prevent pollution in your community—and that means tapping into the power of digital organizing. Announcing our Digital Organizing Toolbox, a set of resources, trainings, and tips designed to help you build power online!

8th of April 2020

Advocates to Governor Scott: Prioritize public health and uphold environmental protections, transparency, and public access during COVID-19 crisis

Vermont environmental advocates sent a letter yesterday to Governor Phil Scott thanking him for his efforts to address the unprecedented COVID-19 emergency, and urging him to uphold environmental and public health protections during the crisis, along with public accessibility and transparency.

20th of March 2020

Toxic pesticides spraying across Mass.

At a moment when public health is already at risk from COVID-19, Governor Baker is proposing unrestricted spraying of toxic pesticides that can harm our immune and respiratory systems.

13th of March 2020

What is happening with the oil tanks in South Portland?

Last spring, South Portland neighbors were shocked to learn that Global Partners—the energy company that owns 12 oil tanks in South Portland—had been charged with violating the Clean Air Act for years. We’re working side by side with our friends at Protect South Portland to make sure this polluter is held accountable and our air is protected.