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Community Action Works

Gov. Baker signs MA Climate Bill!

Big news for Massachusetts as Gov. Charlie Baker has signed the climate bill (H.50690) today! It will reduce energy waste and help transition Massachusetts’ buildings and transportation system from fossil fuels to clean energy.

The bill passed both the Massachusetts House and Senate with broad, bipartisan support last month. Gov. Baker returned the bill to the Legislature with amendments, many of which lawmakers adopted before sending a revised version back to the governor on July 31 for his signature.

At Community Action Works we agree a healthy climate is key to a healthy and safe future for ourselves, our neighbors, our children and our grandchildren. And with this bill becoming law, leaders in Massachusetts from all political affiliations are showing that states can take meaningful climate action.

It gives us all hope that we can work together to build a future where we can thrive. It of course starts with the power of communities coming together, organizing their neighbors to help get us across the finish line.

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