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Community Action Works

Boston Takes Big Strides towards Zero Waste

Zero Waste Boston has great news from this summer: following the coalition’s seven year campaign to move Boston towards policies and programs that reduce waste and increase diversion from toxic incinerators and landfills, the City of Boston is partnering with us to undertake a comprehensive public planning process over the next several months! In May, Boston’s Department of Energy, Environment and Open Space secured $150,000 to fund a city-wide Zero Waste planning process. This is a major milestone in building a more just, green Zero Waste economy in Boston.

Along with this new victory and the broad, intersectional vision that it represents, the new name Zero Waste Boston was adopted by the group formerly known as the Boston Recycling Coalition. We look forward to continuing to engage with the City of Boston as it begins to formally explore policies for rapidly implementing a range of Zero Waste economic opportunities in Boston and the region, deliver fair working conditions for waste and recycling workers, and curb a major contributor to climate pollution.

After seven long years organizing and advocating for sensible waste policies, this is an excellent opportunity to create a gold standard Zero Waste program for Boston. While Boston is engaging Zero Waste consultants and experts (including some of our coalition’s members and supporters) to create a zero waste master plan, we’re also speaking with residents and neighborhood groups throughout the city about the value of strong Zero Waste policies for our communities. City Hall is receptive to community input, and we encourage everyone to participate fully. If you’re a Boston resident (or just think this is a great cause), you can help! Follow us on Twitter, @ZeroWasteBoston , and like our Zero Waste Boston Facebook page to find out how.

We now have a chance to build a far-reaching system that can meet the needs of all Bostonians and make Boston a national, even global leader. Let’s make it happen!

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