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Community Action Works

Activists say: Don’t waste Maine!

Across the region, communities are rising up to stop landfills and advocate for solutions for better waste management. In Maine, activists are taking a new approach to this long-standing fight.

Activists such as Ed Spencer and Hillary Lister are familiar with the dangers of landfills. Ed lives in Old Town, Maine, a town that neighbors a major landfill that already expanded years ago. Ed and Hillary are working at the heart of the problem, and realized an important step the state could take to solve it.

While Maine has a rule that state-owned landfills can’t accept waste from out of state, there’s a loophole that allows trash to come across the border, mix with Maine trash, and go right into the landfills anyway.

Now, Ed and Hillary are working to win regulatory changes that would close that loophole and keep Maine landfills from filling up quickly—including the landfill in their own backyard.

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