Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Who’s protecting our water

When neighbors in Fairfield, Maine found out that their drinking water was contaminated, they also realized something else: It was up to everyday people to make change.

Lawrence Higgins and Ashley Gooldrup were two of the people that stepped up and took action in the face of severe contamination from “forever” chemicals known as PFAS.

But people are rarely taught how to organize a community group and put together a winning action plan, where to find the data and information to back up their case, how to work with the media, or how to raise money. Even experienced community leaders need support to ensure they’re taking the most strategic approach.

Your support means our team is working with everyday people facing pollution threats and getting them everything they need to fight back.

When Lawrence and Ashley took action, their community joined them. The Fairfield Water Concerned Citizens started with just a small group of neighbors. Now, they have over 200 members who are ready to fight to clean up their water and protect communities across Maine from the same threat.

And they’re not alone. We’re working with communities fighting PFAS drinking water contamination across the country. Together, we’re rising up to win clean water for all and prevent contamination disasters like this from ever happening again.

When communities have everything they need to make change, they can claim their power and own it for a lifetime.

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