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Community Action Works

Westfield, Mass., Residents Win Pledges to Address Health Concerns after PFAS Water Contamination

In Westfield, Mass., research finding that their drinking water is contaminated with PFAS initially left residents concerned for their health and without answers. But, only a year after forming Westfield Residents Advocating For Themselves (WRAFT) to address the crisis, the residents have now won support from state and city officials to push for free, voluntary blood testing and long-term health monitoring.

In the past year, WRAFT collected nearly 1,000 signatures and built support for these important health measures, along with working to make the polluters bear the costs of bringing contaminated wells back online. Thanks to their persistent organizing, WRAFT was invited to meet with Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s staff to see how the Senator can help accomplish these important goals.

As they work to bring clean water back to Westfield, WRAFT also joined our National PFAS Contamination Coalition to work with groups across the country fighting for clean, safe water.

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