Community Action Works
Community Action Works

We’ll miss seeing you at Local Environmental Action

We’re sad to say it, but it’s time.

Our annual Local Environmental Action conference won’t be happening in March 2021.

This year would have been our 34th annual conference, and we’ll miss that one day a year where our whole community comes together.

For us, Local Environmental Action is part organizing training, part movement building, and part community celebration. Nothing can replace it.

When we were founded in 1987, we had one staff person who sat in an office day after day coaching everyday people on how to take action—all over the phone. Local Environmental Action was the one day that we brought all those people together in one place, in person.

In some ways, we’re back to our beginnings. We’re working from our home offices, having phone calls and Zoom meetings with everyday people who are still rising up to protect their health and environment.

Even though we won’t see you this year, the fight goes on and protecting our health is more critical than ever.

Together with our partners and conference co-hosts at Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN), we’re proud to be part of such an incredible community and can’t wait to be together in person again soon.

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