Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Welcome new Community Action Works Board members!

We’re excited to welcome three long-time members of the Community Action Works community to our Board of Directors: Jennie Girona, Cynthia Jennings and Cathy Kristofferson!

Jennie first connected with Community Action Works when she came to us for support in organizing for a healthy Gerena School—a school with severe mold contamination in Springfield, Massachusetts—and she’s been a close partner for conferences, retreats and beyond. We met Cynthia when she was organizing to stop a landfill expansion in Hartford, Connecticut, and she’s since become a civil rights attorney and a powerful leader and mentor for grassroots activists across the region. Cathy is a respected leader in the movement to get off gas region-wide, and she first connected with us during the successful campaign to stop a pipeline proposed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Jennie, Cynthia and Cathy, we’re thrilled to have you on the Board!

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