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Tell Governor Baker to Stop Fracked Gas Pipelines

We don’t need any new pipelines in Massachusetts. So why are they still getting built?

Fracked gas spells danger for our health, environment and climate. Communities across the state have shown that we don’t want more dirty energy by joining together to stop hundreds of miles of new pipelines. The good news is that our state doesn’t need more fracked gas to meet our energy demands.

But Governor Baker keeps allowing fracked gas pipelines into our state. Pipelines are proposed in Lowell, Holyoke, and Boston’s Back Bay, where they would put neighbors at risk. Despite a growing movement calling for clean energy, Governor Baker has yet to take a stand against polluting fossil fuels. Watch our video to see where he stands.

Sign the petition to tell Governor Baker to stop new fracked gas pipelines in our state.

Governor Baker has the chance to lead us in the right direction. Massachusetts needs to move forward on clean energy, and it’s time that he take a stand against fracked gas pipelines.

The choice is clear. Oil and gas pipelines tear up protected land and threaten our drinking water, and we can’t afford to turn back the clock.

Governor Baker can stand up to the fossil fuel industry. It’s up to us to make sure he does. Sign the petition today.

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