Community Action Works
Community Action Works


Vermonters are fighting to keep toxic pesticides out of their communities. Right now, this fight is happening at the local level in Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen, Pittsford and Proctor.

For years, neighbors in these six towns have been leading a fight to replace chemical pesticides with environmentally safe alternatives. It’s been an uphill battle against the insect control district, which sprays two toxic pesticides to kill mosquitos.

This year, the group celebrated when Salisbury residents voted to pull town funding from pesticide spraying. The vote marked a turning point in public opinion on pesticides and is a powerful testament to the community leaders’ work to educate their neighbors on the impacts these chemicals have on our health and environment.

Community leaders across the state have been making progress on stopping toxic pesticides. We’re proud to work with neighbors who are keeping up the fight to keep our communities safe.

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