Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Training Series: Writing Strong Petitions and Action Pages

To win, you need people power. And to bring people into your work, you need to be able to talk about it.

You can get people involved by sharing your message and telling your story, but only if you have a strong message and know how to use it.

Check out the next webinar in Virtual Training Series: Writing Strong Petitions and Action Pages to how to do it.

In this training we answer questions like: How do I create a message that inspires people to take action? How do I use that message to write powerful petitions, emails, testimony, social media posts and more?

We focus on messaging for online organizing, but all the same skills apply for your work on the ground.

In this training you’ll hear from Wendy Graça, president of South Coast Neighbors United, the group that won a massive fight against liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks in her community.

You’ll also hear best practices and stories from the ground from Shaina Kasper, Vermont & New Hampshire State Director and Ruthy Rickenbacker, Communications & Digital Coordinator at Community Action Works.

This training is the fifth in our Virtual Organizing Training Series. See all trainings.

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