Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Take Back The Grid!

Demand 100% Renewable Energy

To: Gordon van Welie, President and CEO of ISO-New England

We need our grid to run on 100% renewable energy and we are calling on ISO-New England to get us there.

Natural gas and other fossil fuels pollute our air, our water, and have disastrous consequences for our health and our climate. Communities living near natural gas and other fossil fuel infrastructure face higher rates of illness due to toxics leaked into the water we drink or released into the air we breathe. And this polluting energy will only exacerbate climate change at a time when we are already feeling the effects of extreme storms across our region.

We know this energy isn’t needed. A 2015 report commissioned by Attorney General Maura Healey showed that we don’t need to add more natural gas to get us through even the coldest winter days through 2030. We have the energy we need without adding more polluting fossil fuels.

Instead, we could transition our grid to 100% renewable energy. We know that it’s possible to add more renewable energy sources to protect our environment, health and climate while continuing to have our our electricity needs met.

It’s time to make our region a leader and run our grid on 100% renewable energy.