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Community Action Works

Take the Pledge: Go Pesticide-free!

Spring in the Northeast means flowers and plants are sprouting again, and pollinators like bees and birds are back at work. And unless you live in one of a handful of cities and towns in our region like Portland, Maine, or Dover, New Hampshire, where activists have passed pesticide bans, you may also notice more chemicals being sprayed on parks, playing fields and lawns, too.

Take the pledge to go pesticide-free!

Pesticides harm more than weeds and pests. Chemical pesticides can cause cancer, kidney and liver damage, and developmental problems, and kill pollinators we rely on to keep our food system and ecosystem healthy. But because the chemical industry is so powerful, there’s been little action to protect people and pollinators. So local activists are stepping up to pass organic landcare ordinances and commit to healthy practices in their homes and communities.

Mainers are already taking steps to stop pesticides, with many cities and towns passing some of the country’s strongest organic landcare ordinances in recent years.

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