Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Take Action for a Clean Energy Future

We have the chance to keep moving Massachusetts forward to a clean energy future. Now is the time to make sure our voice is heard.

For the past two years, our Mass Power Forward coalition has been working to pass laws to promote clean energy, set bold climate goals, and make sure the progress we made is equitable and just. Now, all five of our top priorities are on the table and we need to push our representatives to make them law.

Right now is a critical time for energy in Massachusetts. Our governor still hasn’t publicly opposed new pipelines. Low income communities and communities of color are routinely left out of environmental progress. And the effects of climate change on our state are already being felt.

We only have 61 more days to make these bills law. Will you write your representative today?

Our five priority bills would make big strides towards increasing clean, renewable energy, set forward strong climate goals, and move environmental justice principles into law. Learn more about these bills and what progress could mean for our state.

Write to your representatives today and tell them to support these bills to get us on the right track for a healthy, sustainable future.

It’s time to move forward on clean energy and environmental justice. Thanks for taking action.

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