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Stop this incinerator from making a comeback

More than 10 years ago, a biomass incinerator was proposed in Springfield, MA—the asthma capital of the U.S. For almost 10 years, activists led by Arise for Social Justice have kept it from being built through hard-fought organizing and diligent watch-dogging.

Why? Because biomass incineration—which can mean burning wood and other natural products—would only exacerbate asthma by making the air quality worse. This air pollution also causes heart disease and cancer. And because Springfield is home, residents rose up to protect it.

But now, Governor Baker wants to use subsidies meant for renewable energy to support biomass and trash incinerators like the one proposed in Springfield. Governor Baker’s plan could help the dirty biomass incinerator in Springfield make a comeback. It could mean biomass and trash incinerators popping up in communities across the state.

Incineration just isn’t renewable. Burning trash and wood just doesn’t belong in the same category as wind and solar. It’s possible to build clean, renewable energy that is good for our health, our climate and our planet, and the money that Massachusetts taxpayers set aside for renewables should help build that future.

Tell Governor Baker to stop subsidies for all biomass and trash incinerators—send a letter today!

The fight against the biomass incinerator in Springfield continues with organizers at Arise for Social Justice, who we partnered with so many years ago, leading the way. Your support makes a difference. Thanks for taking action.

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