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Community Action Works

Stop a fossil fuel power plant in Peabody

Sudi Smoller sat in on a ton of meetings in Peabody, MA during her career as a reporter. But one meeting she never covered was the electric utility meetings.

Now, she doesn’t miss a single one.

Let me back up. Sudi describes herself as an old hippie from the 70’s. She’s lived in Peabody for 38 years, raising her kids there and working for the local paper and later as a librarian. She retired shortly before the pandemic hit.

Then she learned about something that made her angry: a fossil fuel power plant was proposed to be built in Peabody. And no one knew about it.

“We keep up with the news, and we’d heard nothing about it. Why aren’t they telling us about it? Why can’t I read the minutes? Why can’t I see them discussing it on TV? It’s not an accident that we didn’t find information about this.” – Sudi Smoller

Sign this petition to demand that our state agencies protect our health and climate by putting a stop to a fossil fuel power plant in Peabody.

This isn’t Sudi’s first time taking action. She even used to write a weekly column on environmental issues and did the voiceover for a lot of environmental referendums. But still, it’s different when there’s a serious threat to your community.

“We’re just individuals who happen to live where they want to build the plant,” said Sudi. “We don’t know how to do this.”

Sudi saw an article that Mireille, a community organizer with our team, posted on a local paper and got connected. She got her neighbors together and together, they formed a group called Breathe Clean North Shore.

“We have to stick up for each other, we’ve learned that,” said Sudi. “We have one life, and one world, and we have to take care of it.”

Sign the petition!

Thanks for taking action.

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