Digital Organizing Toolbox


You’re ready to lead winning campaigns to clean up and prevent pollution in your communityand that means tapping into the power of digital organizing.

The Digital Organizing Toolbox is a set of resources, trainings, and tips designed to help you build power online. Whether you have years of experience or you’re just starting out, the tools you’ll find here will help you grow and deepen your digital organizing.

Organize Online

Digital Organizing for Beginners

Build Your Power Online with Action Network

Action Network is a tool designed to help you build your power online. You can use this tool for petitions, emails, letter writing and more. Read more

Which Social Media Should You Use?

If you’re organizing people online (or offline), you’re probably thinking about how you can use social media. But there are lots of social media sites out there, so how should you decide which to prioritize? Read more

Getting Your Website Started

Get started building a great website by setting the right goals and designing your website to meet those goals. Read more

Design for Organizing

Using visuals in your campaign, whether that means lawn signs or graphics for social media, boosts your message. That means you need a design that tells your story and moves people to action. Read more

Next Steps in Organizing Online

How to Write a Strong Petition (Or Other Online Action Page)

Online petitions and letter writing campaigns are key tools for online organizing. You can use these tools to put pressure on a decision maker, find and recruit new members to join your group, or show the breadth of your supporters. Read more

Writing Great Emails

Emails are a tool for keeping in touch and following up with your supporters. You want to make sure your email does what you want it to do, whether that means getting people to come to an event or getting them to make a call to a decision maker. Read more

Recruiting Your People Online

There are people in your community who care about the same things you do—you just need to find them. Using digital organizing tools for recruitment, including online petitions, texting, and social media, can boost your on-the-ground efforts. Read more

Planning a Social Media Action

Your online action should build on your campaign and boost your on-the-ground organizing. Make sure you’re choosing an action that will help your group meet your campaign goals and build your power to win, just like you would in all of your organizing. Read more