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Community Action Works

A Pesticide Organizing Playbook for Maine

Check out this brand-new guide you can use to make your community pesticide-free!

The Pesticide Organizing Playbook is a step-by-step guide to passing a strong pesticide ordinance in your community, specifically for cities and towns in Maine.

Read and download the Pesticide Organizing Playbook today!

Pesticides can be linked to a wide range of public health and environmental concerns, ranging from short-term impacts such as headaches and nausea to chronic impacts like cancer, reproductive harm, and endocrine disruption.

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a world where our communities are safe and protected from the toxic threat of pesticides. That’s why Community Action Works partners with communities across Maine to organize for strong pesticide ordinances at the local level.

Because Maine is one of seven states that allows municipalities to establish stricter laws than the state’s, community members have the power to make lasting change. This pesticide organizing playbook equips community members with a step-by-step organizing plan to pass a strong pesticide ordinance.

In the Pesticide Organizing Playbook, you’ll read about how to form a group, create a campaign plan with strong goals and tactics, and draft an ordinance.

You’ll also find case studies from Blue Hill, Scarborough, Portland and South Portland, who have already passed strong pesticide ordinances in their cities and towns.

Check out the Pesticide Organizing Playbook and get ready to make your community pesticide-free.

Thank you to all the amazing community leaders who are paving the way to a pesticide-free Maine!

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