Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Pass Clean Energy, Climate and Justice Laws in MA

We need to get serious about renewable energy.

In 2030, we need at least half the energy that powers our state to come from renewable sources. By 2050, we need to be running on 100% clean energy.

Meeting these goals is the only way to protect our health and climate from the disastrous effects of fossil fuels. But we need a plan to get there, and we need to make sure that low income communities aren’t left out in the process.

That’s where our clean energy legislation comes in.

Video developed for Community Action Works by Ethan Brown.

Right now, the House of Representatives is moving to vote on four bills. We need these bills to increase clean energy, expand access to solar projects to renters and low income communities, and create a real plan to protect us from climate change.

We don’t have time to wait. These bills are before the House right now and the vote could happen at any moment. Your representatives need to hear that you support passing these laws for a healthy, just, and sustainable state.

Call your representatives today! See a script and find your representatives.

We are proud to work with hundreds of groups in the Mass Power Forward coalition to bring these bills to the table.

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