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Community Action Works

No fracked gas pipeline in Western Mass!

Smoke from wildfires on the west coast is polluting the air in the northeast.

Black, Indigenous, communities of color and poor communities are targeted with fossil fuel pollution, polluting the air we breathe.

We are in the midst of a climate crisis, and yet: Eversource wants to build a new fracked gas pipeline right in Longmeadow and Springfield, MA.

Tell Eversource to stop this dangerous fossil fuel pipeline! Sign the petition.

We don’t need another fracked gas pipeline. Here’s why:

  • Fracked gas pipelines are dangerous. It was a gas pipeline that caused the massive explosion in downtown Springfield in 2012. The deadly 2018 Lawrence explosion and fires killed one person, displaced 30,000 others, and damaged 40 homes.
  • Fracked gas fuels the climate crisis. We are facing record-breaking heat waves, droughts, fires and flooding. A new pipeline locks us into fossil fuels for decades to come.
  • Fracked gas pollutes the air we breathe. This pipeline would be built through residential areas in Longmeadow and Springfield. Neighbors deserve to breathe clean air, not more fossil fuel pollution.

Sign the petition to stop a fossil fuel pipeline proposed for Longmeadow and Springfield today.

We need clean, local, renewable energy now to protect the health of our climate and our communities. Together, we can make that future a reality.

Thanks for taking action.

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