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Community Action Works

New Hampshire: No permits for polluters!

Right now, a landfill is proposed right next to Forest Lake State Park in Dalton, NH.

Forest Lake State Park is well-loved. Neighbors have been swimming, boating and fishing in the park for generations.

That’s why neighbors are calling on you to send a letter to the NH Department of Environmental Services to DENY the permit for a landfill right next to this pristine park. Send a letter today!

This landfill is bad news. To start with, building the landfill would destroy 17 acres of wetlands alone.

But one of the biggest fears is that when this landfill leaks—as all landfills eventually do—it could pollute Forest Lake State Park. And of course, when toxics from landfills leak into groundwater, drinking water is always at risk.

But neighbors in Dalton and beyond came together and got organized. We’re working side by side to stop this landfill from ever getting built.

That’s where you come in. Will you send a letter to DES today and tell them to deny the landfill’s permit?

Together, we can build a future without polluting landfills. Thanks for taking action.

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