Community Action Works
Community Action Works


From oil and grease to coolant and heavy metals, old cars can be toxic. That’s why when Charles Pettigrew stepped out of his house to the smell of gas from a 40-car junkyard in his neighborhood, just 300 feet from drinking water wells and right next to wetlands home to endangered turtles, he knew he had to do something.

But even though this junkyard was clearly in violation of Maine law, which prohibits unpermitted junkyards with more than three cars, Charles was sent from one agency to another trying to find out who could help.

Charles called Community Action Works and, together with his neighbors, he formed the Little Brook Environmental Association on the belief that their town deserves safe drinking water and life free from toxic threats.

Even after COVID-19 forced us to move all our meetings online, the group kept working and finally celebrated in June when the Board of Appeals sided with them in a decision to close the polluting junkyard. The group is looking forward to seeing the junkyard cleaned up.

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