Community Action Works
Community Action Works


When neighbors across New Hampshire raised the alarm on drinking water contamination from the toxic “forever” chemical called PFAS, we knew it was just the tip of the toxic iceberg.

Now, neighbors in Londonderry have discovered that their water is contaminated, too.

Community leaders in Merrimack, right next door to Londonderry, have been fighting to stop PFAS contamination in their own drinking water. Those leaders were part of an effort that pushed the state to adopt some of the toughest PFAS regulations in the country.

But the situation in Londonderry is a little more complicated. There are already four Superfund sites in town, and water contamination has been an issue for decades. PFAS water contamination is another major health concern on top of residents’ ongoing worry about the water they drink.

PFAS are known to cause cancers, kidney disease and other serious health problems. For families with private drinking water wells, installing a water filter can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

When Ray Breslin found out about the PFAS contamination, he made several calls to find someone who could do something about it. After calling state agencies, elected officials and town leaders, he finally called Community Action Works.

Now, Ray and other Londonderry neighbors have come together to form a group and take action. They call themselves Concerned Citizens for Clean Water, and we helped them put together an action plan.

The group’s first goal is to get free water testing for all wells in Londonderry. Next, they want the contaminated water to be remediated. Finally, the group wants to reform the way town water is managed, so that the next time issues like this come up, the town is ready to respond.

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