Community Action Works
Community Action Works

It’s never too soon for more good news, right?

Massachusetts just issued some of the strongest rules in the country on ‘forever’ chemicals in our drinking water.

In the past few years, people across the country began realizing that their water had been contaminated, and that they’d been unknowingly drinking toxic chemicals.

And we mean toxic. PFAS, called ‘forever’ chemicals, are known to cause cancer, kidney disease, and other serious health problems. They’re toxic even in extremely small amounts.

Families found out that they’d likely been drinking PFAS in their water for years, including people living here in Massachusetts, from Western Mass. to the Cape.

But everyday people rose up to take action and you rose with them. Communities got organized, bringing neighbors together to fight for clean water. Community Action Works connected impacted neighbors to craft statewide and national strategies for change.

Now, as Massachusetts issues some of the toughest PFAS rules in the country, we’re proud to say that change is happening. This change, made possible by years of action by local leaders and your continued support, will literally save lives.

The fight isn’t over yet. We’ll continue to fight for strong PFAS rules across the country alongside community leaders fighting nationally. We’re not stopping until everyone’s water is PFAS-free.

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