Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Massachusetts Coalition Wants to Break Up with Gas Pipelines for Good

On Valentine’s Day, Mass Power Forward gathered at the Massachusetts Statehouse to ask Gov. Baker to “break-up” with gas pipelines and commit to clean energy instead. More than 100 activists from across Massachusetts united to push forward our vision of clean and renewable energy for all, including organizers that work with Community Action Works.

Mass Power Forward is a statewide coalition committed to working for clean energy, green jobs and a just transition away from fossil fuels.

The coalition connects more than 150 groups and Massachusetts community leaders to defeat pipelines and close power plants, building a movement of proactive leaders for change.

This February 14, Mass Power Forward delivered a bouquet to the governor’s office along with stacks of heart-shaped valentines to show him that his constituents love just, renewable energy and real climate action.

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