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Community Action Works

Training Series: Making Digital Organizing Accessible

The importance of technology and digital skills has been growing over the past decade, but the pandemic again laid bare the inequalities in digital literacy and access.

If you’re working in rural areas where reliable internet connection may be inaccessible, or poor communities where technology may be unaffordable, or communities with low technology literacy, it’s critical to make sure everyone has what they need to participate in organizing online.

In this training we answer questions like: How have community groups made technology and internet accessible in rural and poor communities? What’s worked (and what hasn’t) in getting community members involved in online programs and government processes? How can you meaningfully bring in folks with less computer experience?

Virtual Organizing Training Series:
Making Digital Organizing Accessible

In this training you’ll hear from three amazing speakers:

  • Diane Peel, Director of Newport Wireless Mesh, a nonprofit that grew out of the 99% movement and provides low-cost community-run and community-supported internet to neighbors.
  • Rachael Thompson, Executive Director of the Glynn Environmental Coalition, an organization formed by concerned citizens wanting to know how their community became so polluted, why they continue to have health-threatening pollution, and how they could develop an action plan to correct the problem.
  • Maiyim Baron of Elders Climate Action, whose mission is to mobilize elders throughout the United States to address climate change while there is still time to protect the well-being of our grandchildren and future generations.

This training is the next in our Virtual Organizing Training Series. You can check out past trainings online.

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