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Keep the toxic Teflon chemical out of our water

It doesn’t seem possible that the EPA could know our drinking water is toxic and do nothing. But in communities across the country, that’s the reality.

PFAS, the toxic Teflon chemical, is estimated to be in the drinking water of more than 110 million people in the U.S. alone. These chemicals are linked to kidney disorders, cancers and other serious health concerns.

Everyone deserves clean water. That’s why we joined together with impacted communities to call for a strong, enforceable national drinking water standard for PFAS.

This is no easy fight. Companies like DuPont that used and manufactured PFAS knew decades ago that these chemicals were toxic to human health, and they hid the evidence from the workers and communities they were poisoning. Then they exploited loopholes in our safe drinking water laws so that there would be no requirements for testing or cleanup.

There is still no national enforceable limit for how much PFAS can be in our water. A national drinking water standard would require the cleanup of PFAS contamination so communities affected by this toxic crisis can ensure that the water coming out of their tap is safe to drink.

Sign the petition to support a national standard for all PFAS chemicals to keep our water safe.

Over a year ago, we joined with activists from across the country to form the National PFAS Contamination Coalition. Today, it represents more than 20 communities in 11 states that have been contaminated by PFAS and are committed to creating national change.

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