Community Action Works
Community Action Works

National PFAS Contamination Coalition

As a group, we decided to form this network in order to:

  • Better support local organizing for clean water and health protection by better sharing local campaign stories, information/data/facts, and connect to experts.
  • Build a bigger movement of national change on these issues by working on state and national campaigns together for solutions and to build a collaborative and powerful force to take on big polluters.

As a coalition, we want:

  • Medical monitoring to be proactive in the early detection and identification of PFAS related health problems by providing specific guidelines to health care providers and funding for access for all impacted residents so communities have health education information.
  • A Comprehensive National Health Study to examine impacts of PFAS exposure within multiple cohorts including age, gender, veteran status, as well as a Longitudinal following.
  • National enforceable drinking water standards that are science-based for infants, children, and vulnerable populations, and for combined total of all PFAS.
  • Support state-level change for lower drinking water standards and air emission regulation and to focus on protecting natural resources (i.e. water, air, soil) to prevent contamination in the first place.
  • Make Polluters Pay. Polluters must be held accountable financially for contamination, especially the most egregious examples where polluters that deceive local communities, regulatory agencies, and their shareholders in order to continue their abusive practices.

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Merrimack Citizens for Clean Water

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Warminster Concerned Citizens

Westfield Residents Advocating for Themselves (WRAFT)