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Community Action Works

Hold this polluter accountable for Maine’s air

It was just over a year ago that neighbors in South Portland, Maine found out that Global Partners—the energy company that owns 12 oil tanks in the city— had been exceeding the legal limit for air pollution.

Now, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is set to review a new permit from Global Partners—this time allowing pollution five times higher than currently permitted.

You already know that breathing polluted air is bad for our health. And now that research is showing that air pollution is linked to higher COVID-19 death rates, it’s even clearer that we need to stop this pollution now.

We don’t have time for more fossil fuel pollution. Not now during a pandemic—and not ever.

Leaders in the community group Protect South Portland have already pushed Maine DEP to review Global Partners’ operations. Together, we’re demanding that Global Partners be held accountable for their pollution. We need transparency on the pollution data—and we’re calling on Maine DEP to require Global to install a monitoring system with real-time public reporting on the oil tanks.

Now you have the opportunity to make your voice heard. Maine DEP is collecting comments on Global Partners’ new permit until the end of this month and we need to make sure they hold this polluter accountable.

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