Community Action Works
Community Action Works


When Gladys Moreno Fuentes got a letter in the mail informing her that a Verizon 5G cell antenna was proposed to be built just six feet away from her home in southwest Hartford, she knew she had to take action.

There’s not enough research to show that radiation from a cell antenna like this one is safe for a residential neighborhood. But Gladys knows it was no coincidence that this project was proposed for a Latino neighborhood, in one of the poorest parts of the city, already overburdened with pollution. She didn’t want her neighbors to wait around to find out just how much that radiation would impact their health.

When Gladys talked to her neighbors about it—many of whom didn’t know about the project—she realized it was up to her to take action. She made endless calls, sent dozens
of letters, and finally reached our board member and Hartford community leader Cynthia Jennings, who connected her with Community Action Works.

People are rarely taught how to organize a community group and put together a winning action plan, where to find the data and information to back up their case, or how to work with the media. Even experienced community leaders need support to ensure they’re taking the most strategic approach.

But we know that when you and your neighbors take action, your community will join you.

Now, Gladys is joined by Eileen Noonan, Joe Wasserman and other neighbors, who together form the Hartford Coalition for Safe Technology. Showing up at every public hearing to make their voices heard, the coalition is calling on city officials to slow down the process and speak out against a proposal that could harm the health of their community.

Your support makes this possible—thank you.

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