Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Grassroots Leaders Across the Country Stand Up for Clean Drinking Water

During National Drinking Water Week in early May, our National PFAS Contamination Coalition “took back the tap” by calling for clean, safe drinking water. PFAS, or per- or poly-fluoroalkyl substances, are a large group of human-made toxic chemicals which have been found in the drinking water of millions of Americans. Used in manufacturing Teflon and other non-stick coatings, and in firefighting foams, PFAS contamination is linked to reproductive cancers, kidney disorders, and more.

Our coalition supports local organizing for clean water and health protection, and building a movement for national change. We are helping groups across the country come together to share information, connect with experts, and build a more powerful force to take on big polluters.

Have questions about a contamination problem in your community or want to get involved with the National PFAS Contamination Coalition? Email Shaina Kasper at or visit to get in touch!

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