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Community Action Works

Governor Baker vetoed the climate bill. Here’s what you can do.

Governor Baker vetoed the Next-Generation Roadmap Climate Bill, a bill that would have codified environmental justice into law and included important next steps on addressing the climate crisis.

We’re disappointed in the governor’s veto. But, there’s still a chance to get this bill passed this session. Legislators have already refiled the bill, and we’re calling on our representatives to support them in passing this bill again and overriding the governor’s veto if necessary.

But we only have until Friday to make this happen, so your representatives need to hear from you today.

Send an email to your representatives today and ask them to quickly pass this bill again and be prepared to override the governor’s veto if necessary.

This bill codifies environmental justice into law, a critical step to stop polluters from loading pollution into Black, Indigenous and communities of color and poor communities, and comes after years of organizing by our partners at environmental justice groups across the state.

The bill also includes emissions goals for 2030, 2035, 2040, and 2045 to keep us on track to reduce fossil fuel pollution and make progress towards 100% renewable energy across the state.

Governor Baker’s veto could keep this important bill from being passed this session unless our representatives act fast.

Join people across the state in calling on your representatives to pass this bill a second time, and quickly—by Friday.

Thanks for taking action.

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