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Gov. Baker, Sign the Climate Bill!

Boston – Last Thursday, legislators passed a climate bill (H.5060) that will reduce energy waste and help transition Massachusetts’ buildings and transportation system from fossil fuels to clean energy.

The vote in the House and Senate came one day after President Joe Biden’s visit to the site of the former Brayton Point coal power plant in Somerset, where he called climate change a “clear and present danger,” and in the midst of a heat wave that brought record temperatures to Boston. To prevent these heat waves from becoming more frequent and severe, we must transition rapidly from fossil fuels to clean energy. The time to act on climate is now.

The climate bill is sitting on Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk, and he must decide whether to sign it into law or veto it by Sunday, July 31. We need to show the Governor that there’s broad support for action on climate change and this bill could be a key part of his legacy as he prepares to leave office.

That’s where you come in. Contact Governor Baker today and ask him to sign the climate bill into law.


What this bill will do

If signed into law, the climate bill will take several important steps to reduce the use of fossil fuels and transition Massachusetts to clean energy:

  • Require 100% of the cars sold in Massachusetts to be electric vehicles (EVs) by 2035 and provide incentives for the purchase of EVs.
  • Set a timeline for the MBTA to transition to an all-electric bus fleet and provide assistance for regional transit authorities (RTAs) to adopt electric buses
  • Allow up to 10 cities and towns to adopt local policies requiring new buildings to use fossil-fuel-free heating and appliances, an important step toward safer, healthier homes and businesses for everyone in Massachusetts
  • Require the owners of large buildings — such as offices, apartment buildings, hospitals, and universities — to disclose their energy use each year, and direct the Department of Energy Resources to issue an annual report identifying the best opportunities to reduce fossil fuel use in large buildings
  • Increase the use of clean energy by making more types of solar installations eligible for net metering, the state’s most important solar program


How you can make your voice heard

There are three ways you can tell Gov. Baker to sign the climate bill into law. Sending an email is quick and easy. You can make an even bigger impact with a phone call to Gov. Baker’s office, and it only takes a minute or two to make the call. And don’t forget to post on Facebook and Twitter, too.


1. Email the Governor’s office

Use Environment Massachusetts’ action form to send an email asking Gov. Baker to sign the climate bill.


2. Call the Governor’s office

Main number: (617) 725-4005

Alternative numbers (if the voicemail is full): (888) 870-7770, (413) 784-1200 

When you call the Governor’s office, you might speak with a live person or you might be directed to voicemail. Either way, you should keep your message short and sweet. Here’s what you can say:

Hi, my name is _______ and I live in ______ (your town). I’m calling to ask Governor Baker to sign the climate bill into law, House Bill 5060. [You can add a sentence or two about why the bill matters to you.]


3. Post on social media

You can share these posts from Environment Massachusetts (Facebook, Twitter), or write your own post.

Make sure you tag the Governor’s office (@MassGovernor) if you’re posting on Twitter. You should also use the hashtag #SignMAClimateBill so we can keep track of the posts.

Here are some sample posts, but you should feel free to write your own. (In fact, it’s better if you make it personal. Copy-and-pasted posts get less visibility on Twitter and Facebook.)

    • Will Massachusetts be one of the states to lead on climate? YES if @MassGovernor signs the climate bill on his desk. #SignMAClimateBill
    • The climate bill will make our homes and businesses more energy-efficient and put more electric vehicles on the road. @MassGovernor, please sign the climate bill into law! #SignMAClimateBill @EnvironmentMA
    • I want @MassGovernor to sign the climate bill into law because we all deserve a safe, healthy future. #SignMAClimateBill
    • The climate bill passed with overwhelming, bipartisan support. @MassGovernor, please sign the climate bill into law. It’s common sense! #SignMAClimateBill
    • TAKE ACTION: Join the call to tell @MassGovernor that states need to lead on clean energy. Urge him to sign the climate bill. #SignMAClimateBill

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