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Why a fossil fuel power plant affects us region-wide

The latest IPCC report was crystal clear: action on climate is more urgent than ever, and we need to stop using fossil fuels.

That’s one reason why residents in Peabody, MA are fighting to stop a proposed fossil fuel power plant from being built in their community.

And this fight over one polluting power plan is really region-wide.

“Although we are taking all the environmental and health risks, this is not only a Peabody issue. There are people across the Waters River in Danvers within a half mile away. And, there are 13 other Massachusetts communities that are investing in and will pay for this for 30 years.”

– Sudi Smoller, Peabody resident

That’s because the energy produced at this fossil fuel plant would go into our energy grid, which is regional.

And the reason this plant is being proposed at all is that our region’s electricity grid operator, ISO-NE, has outdated rules that make it hard for states to achieve our clean energy goals.

Sign the petition to tell ISO-NE: No more fossil fuels!

Polluting energy is a thing of the past. We need an energy grid that runs on clean, local, renewable energy to protect our health and our climate.

But ISO-NE is keeping us hooked on fossil fuels. Over and over, ISO-NE chooses fracked gas over clean energy. That choice dictates what kind of power plants get built.

And that’s why a power plant that would run on fracked gas and oil is proposed in Peabody—because ISO-NE is calling for it.

We CAN run our energy grid on clean, renewable energy. It’s possible. We just need to do it.

Sign the petition to call on ISO-NE to phase out fossil fuels and build an energy grid with clean and renewable energy.

Meanwhile, the fight to stop polluting energy on the ground in Peabody continues.

“This plan was conceived six years ago,” said Sudi. “If we haven’t built it yet, we ought to take a second look.”

Thanks for taking action.

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