Community Action Works
Community Action Works

The first thing we’re fighting for in 2021

‘Forever’ chemicals are completely unregulated at the federal level. We’re fighting to change that.

You’ve probably heard us talk about PFAS, the class of chemicals estimated to be in the drinking water of more than 110 million people across the country. These are the toxic chemicals that cause cancer, kidney disease and other major health problems, and they’re found in Teflon, raingear, firefighting foam and more.

There are no enforceable drinking water standards to keep us safe from PFAS. But with a new federal administration comes new opportunity, and we’re ready to push for change.

And community leaders across the country are ready, too.


Community leaders across the country are ready for real change. We co-facilitate this national coalition because we know that when the people most impacted by pollution lead the way, we can win the real solutions we need.

With your support, we’re starting this year off strong. Thank you.

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