Community Action Works
Community Action Works


In New Hampshire’s North Country, community leaders have fought one landfill after another. With every landfill proposal or expansion, neighbors have come together to fight it.

Neighbors know a bigger change is needed to stop trash from across the region and out of state from flooding the North Country and to keep communities safe from the dangers of polluting landfills. That’s why community groups across New Hampshire, who have spent years fighting landfills and incinerators, are launching a coordinated effort to transform state policies and move toward zero waste.

Community groups like Save Forest Lake, North Country Alliance for Balanced Change, the Forest Lake Association and more came together to form Be SMART (Save Money And Reduce Trash) New Hampshire.

Together, we have a vision of what to do with our trash. Manufacturers should be held responsible for waste from the products they produce, and we can shift to a zero-waste system where no town, in the North Country and beyond, is faced with a landfill proposal in their community.

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