Community Action Works
Community Action Works

The election’s over, but the work isn’t

The election is behind us. But the work doesn’t end here.

For the past four years, we fought side by side with everyday people to protect communities from pollution even while the EPA, run by a former coal lobbyist, was bent on environmental rollbacks.

Now, with a new administration coming in this January, we’re ready to do more than just protect—we’re ready for large-scale transformation.

Lasting change starts local, in cities, towns, and neighborhoods. We know that real, lasting change takes root when people get together and take action at the local level.

And when community groups know how to make local democracy work for their health and environment, they lead the movement for large-scale transformation.

Now is the time to push for that large-scale change, and we’ll still have to fight for it. President-elect Biden has promised progress on climate change and environmental protections, and we need to hold him to his promises. And, we know that his plan still falls short of what needs to be done.

Now is the time to ramp up the pressure to make the change we need. And with your support, we’ll be ready.

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