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Out of this crisis came leaders

Everyone has that moment when you realize you need to do something about what’s happening to our health and environment.

For an ever-growing number of community leaders, that moment was when they found out their water had been poisoned.

The ‘forever’ chemicals known as PFAS—found in Teflon, raingear, firefighting foam and more—are known to cause cancer, kidney disease, and other serious health problems.

Now we have the chance to make change. Sign a petition for a strong, enforceable drinking water standard for PFAS.

Families across the country had no idea that PFAS chemicals were in the water that comes out of their taps, even though in many cases the contamination had been happening for decades. That’s because there is no federal requirement to test for PFAS, thanks to corporations like DuPont who fought for loopholes in our drinking water protections.

But out of that crisis came leaders. These leaders are everyday people who realized their water was poisoned and decided to do something about it. They are people who are fighting not just for clean water for their communities, but an end to this chemical contamination for all.

These leaders are working for a strong enforceable drinking water standard. Sign the petition today.

When Community Action Works first got a call about PFAS drinking water contamination in Vermont, we had never heard of these chemicals before either. But soon after, a flood of calls came in from New Hampshire, Massahusetts, Michigan, Colorado, Alaska and people in states across the country.

Now, we are proud to rise with everyday leaders who joined together to form the National PFAS Contamination Coalition, which we co-facilitate, and fight for an end to the PFAS contamination crisis, justice for victims, and the reforms we need to prevent this from ever happening again.

A strong, enforceable standard is one step toward that vision. Sign on today.

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