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Community Action Works

The corporation keeping us hooked on fossil fuels

Communities living next to polluting energy across our region know firsthand why we need a clean, renewable energy future.

Fossil fuels make us sick. A new study published just last month shows that air pollution from fossil fuels causes one in five deaths annually. And of course, we need to do everything we can to stop the worst effects of climate change.

But as communities across our region take action to bring about a 100% clean, local, and renewable energy future, our region’s electricity grid operator, called ISO-NE, is keeping us hooked on polluting fossil fuels.

Sign the petition to call on ISO-NE to phase out fossil fuels and bring about a just and democratic energy grid with clean and renewable energy.

Over and over, ISO-NE chooses fracked gas over clean energy, extends the life of the most polluting power plants, and thwarts state efforts to reach our mandated clean energy goals. The result is that Black, Indigenous, communities of color and poor communities bear an unjust burden of pollution.

We deserve an energy grid that is responsive to the needs of ratepayers and the people living with climate catastrophe and pollution, not fossil fuel executives and utilities.

You can make your voice heard. This month, the states in our region are taking public comments on the future of ISO-NE and they need to hear from you.

Sign the petition to call on ISO-NE and the governors in our region to work with us on our vision for a just and democratic energy grid that phases out fossil fuels and brings clean, renewable energy for all!

We’re working with partners across the region to get 5,000 petition signatures before publicly delivering our vision statement to ISO-NE this April.

Your signature makes a difference. Thanks for taking action.

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