Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Community Leaders Convene at National Water Contamination Summit

Water contamination by the toxic chemical PFAS is a national crisis, and to address it, we need national change.

Infamously known as the toxic Teflon chemical, PFAS (or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) is known to cause cancer, kidney disease and more, and is estimated to be in the drinking water of 110 million people living near factories and military bases across the United States. Last summer, local leaders organized and the Environmental Protection Agency listened to community members who are most affected by this crisis. Now, it’s time to push the agency to act.

This fall, local leaders from across the country came together at our Leadership Retreat to focus on the national strategy for change. We co-founded the National PFAS Contamination Coalition with community groups in 2017, and today it represents two dozen communities in 13 states from Alaska to Massachusetts. Together, we’re working hard to win locally and building power to win nationally.

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