Community Action Works
Community Action Works

Community action closes dangerous nuclear plant in Vermont

Too many corporations act irresponsibly, and the most effective way to hold them accountable is to build community power. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station, a nuclear power plant with an atrocious safety record, was one of those corporations.

Vermont Yankee’s safety violations included a collapsed cooling tower and radioactive tritium leaking into groundwater. And while the government is often slow to act, in this case, the Vermont state government was working hard to close this dangerous plant down. But nothing was working.

It took years of building community power to close Vermont Yankee.

Neighbors and organizations across the state were concerned about the risks Vermont Yankee posed to our health and future. So we organized a coalition of concerned residents from all parts of the state and put together an action plan to safely close the plant. And in 2013, we celebrated with our partners across the state when Vermont Yankee announced that it would finally close.