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Community Action Works

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When community groups know how to build community power, they can confront polluters and seed solutions. Every year, Community Action Works works with thousands of residents in nearly a hundred communities across the Northeast. Here are some stories of the local leaders we work with.

21st of April 2017

South Portland’s Success Story

South Portland Activists Take on Big Oil and the Chemical Industry Big Oil Comes to Town Canadian tar sands oil is some of the dirtiest in the world. And ExxonMobil was planning to use a World-War-II-era pipeline to pump millions of gallons of the oil through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, crossing over rivers, the […]

20th of April 2017

Holyoke Success Story

Holyoke, Massachusetts Neighbors Retire and Redevelop the Mt. Tom Coal Plant Meet Carlos and Rosa Carlos and Rosa Rodriguez, members of community group, Neighbor to Neighbor, moved to Holyoke, Massachusetts years ago from Puerto Rico. Carlos works in a restaurant in the city and Rosa is stays civically active, serving on the board of her […]

22nd of May 2016

Weymouth Action Story

South Shore residents vs. Spectra A few years ago, the pipeline federal agency known as FERC held a hearing in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Oil and gas giant Spectra Energy had proposed building a compressor station in North Weymouth that would push fracked-gas through a pipeline up to Canada for export to international markets. FERC had sent […]

4th of May 2017

Bristol Success Story

Moving Towards Zero Waste “The road was rocky, but eventually the landfill was safely closed, even earlier than we expected, and further environmental risks were avoided.” The Dangers of Landfills Unlined landfills are a relic of a past, when we just chucked our old mattresses, household trash, and car batteries into open holes in the […]