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Community Action Works

It’s time to close Maine’s out of state waste loophole 

Maine has been treated as the dumping ground for trash from across the region. But neighbors across the state are rising up to change that.

Don’t Waste ME is a coalition of community members and tribal citizens adversely affected by the negative impacts of landfill, incinerator, and waste disposal activities, and they are dreaming up better ways to manage our waste. 

And right now, we have the chance to close the loophole that allows out-of state waste to get dumped at Maine state owned landfills by passing LD1639.

For example, 30 percent of the waste that gets disposed of at Juniper Ridge Landfill is from out of state. This amounts to about 16 forty-ton tractor trailer loads of out of state waste being dumped in Juniper Ridge every single day of the year!

We need to manage our waste better, but more importantly we need to protect our communities better.

Our communities deserve to live in a healthy environment, free from the toxic pollution that comes from trash in landfills.

We are rising up with Don’t Waste ME, Natural Resources Council of Maine, and residents across the state to take this bill across the finish line. 

Sign this petition to tell legislatures it’s time to close this loophole and keep out-of-state trash out of Maine by Passing LD 1639.

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