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Community Action Works

Celebrating 15 years of Sylvia

15 years ago, a very special person joined our team: our executive director, Sylvia Broude!

This week, on the anniversary of her first day at Community Action Works, we’re celebrating 15 years of Sylvia’s organizing and leadership that has made the organization what we are today.

Sylvia joined Community Action Works—then Toxics Action Center—as a community organizer for Massachusetts and Connecticut in March 2006. For six years, she worked on the ground with everyday people in Connecticut and Massachusetts to retire coal-fired power plants, prevent new landfills from poisoning drinking water, win zero waste policies and more.

In 2012, she took over as Executive Director and has led the organization through major growth and transformation, including building a staff of 11 and changing the organization’s name to better reflect the core of what we do.

We couldn’t be happier to have Sylvia at the head of the organization. She is deeply committed to building power with communities to confront polluters and seed solutions. Her strategic genius in community groups’ campaigns is unmatched. And she is a dynamic leader who invests in each member of her team, helping us grow, and celebrating as we transform.

Thank you, Sylvia!

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