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Community Action Works

From cancer to community: Stel’s story

In one year, Stel Bailey’s family dealt with more cancer diagnoses than most families face in a lifetime.

Her uncle. Her brother. Her father. And also herself. In 2013, four members of Stel’s family were diagnosed with cancer.

That was before they found out their drinking water had been polluted by ‘forever’ chemicals known as PFAS.


After her family’s cancer diagnoses, Stel set out to find answers. She connected with cancer survivors in her community of Cocoa, Florida, and connected the dots between the contaminated drinking water and her family’s cancer.

Stel knew she needed to take action, so in 2015 she founded Fight For Zero, an organization of dedicated local leaders who are fighting for a safe and healthy environment in their community.

“We deserve to know what is in our water, to help prevent tragedies like what my family experienced. Now’s our chance to take action and help save lives.”
-Stel Bailey

Together, Stel and I co-coordinate the National PFAS Contamination Coalition, which represents 18 grassroots community groups in 16 states fighting PFAS at the local level and beyond. As the Biden administration takes office, we’re ready to make ending the PFAS crisis a national priority.

You make this work possible. Thanks for taking action.

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