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Community Action Works

You can make this climate bill stronger

The climate crisis is happening now. So we need change now.

And right now, an important climate bill passed the House and the Senate and is sitting in a conference committee. It’s time to tell your representatives to make sure this bill comes out of committee even stronger than before.

Send a letter to the conference committee and call on them to pass this important bill (H.4933/S.2500).

This bill includes some important steps forward. It would make environmental justice law, protecting the Black, Indigenous, People of Color communities and poor communities that are most often targeted for pollution.

The bill includes a modest increase in renewable energy in our state, leaving much left to be done.

But you can make this bill stronger. Right now, the bill includes subsidies for dirty biomass energy, which could give polluting incinerators a boost. And it doesn’t go far enough on renewables.

For the past two years, community leaders in the Mass Power Forward coalition we co-founded five years ago have been pushing for climate legislation and environmental justice in Massachusetts.

Together, we’ve made calls, sent letters, and pushed our representatives to act on climate.

Now is our chance. We only have a few more weeks to push this bill over the finish line—send a letter today.

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