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Community Action Works

Add Your Voice to Stop Pesticides in MA

Good news: this November, you have the chance to push Massachusetts to curb toxic pesticides.

Send a letter urging your representatives to pass a bill banning several toxic pesticides at playgrounds and schools. Then save the date and join us at the State House on November 12 to make your voice heard.

Neighbors are coming together in dozens of towns across Massachusetts to go pesticide-free—and so far, they’re winning. We know that local change happens when neighbors come together and take action. And we know that when people from dozens of towns join together, statewide action is possible.

Now, at least five bills that would limit toxic pesticides are before our legislators, and it’s time to make our voices heard.

Send a letter to say you support the bill to protect children from toxic pesticides at playgrounds and schools.

The hearing on November 12 will be a rare opportunity to show statewide support for five bills limiting pesticides, and you can make sure that your representatives know that these bills are important to you by sending a letter and showing up to support.RSVP and join us on November 12 at the State House.

Thanks for taking action.

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