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Community Action Works

How We Can Help

When local health and safety are threatened by pollution, it is often up to everyday people to make change.

Environmental problems harm all of us. But people are rarely taught how to organize a community group and put together a winning action plan, where to find the data and information to back up their case, how to work with the media, or how to raise money. Even experienced community leaders need support to ensure they’re taking the most strategic approach.

Getting you organized

When community groups know how to build community power, they can confront polluters and seed solutions. That’s why Community Action Works specializes in in-person trainings tailored to your community’s needs. We’ll come to your neighborhood, listen to your community’s specific concerns and goals, and then guide you through everything you need to create a powerful community group with an action plan that works. We honor local residents’ decisions, because they know what’s best for their community.



Making connections

Community groups are stronger with connection. To build their power and leadership skills, Community Action Works connects groups working on the same issues across city, town, and state lines. We also connect groups to legal, public health, and environmental experts who will work with them to succeed. Finally, we connect community groups to the broader movement for environmental and social change, because we know lasting change takes root when the people with the most at stake lead the way.


Expanding your leadership

We believe in building your ability to lead for the long-run. That’s why Community Action Works provides personalized leadership training, hosts conferences, and holds weekend trainings that bring together community leaders from across the region. We design these trainings and gatherings to build the movement and give community leaders a deeper understanding of environmental and social problems, new skills, and the inspiration to keep going.


You can stop pollution in your community. Get the support you need to protect your health and your community.