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Toxic pesticides spraying across Mass.

At a moment when public health is already at risk from COVID-19, Governor Baker is proposing unrestricted spraying of toxic pesticides that can harm our immune and respiratory systems.

Right now, a bill before our legislators (H. 4650) could allow broadcast spraying of toxic pesticides across Massachusetts.

Governor Baker is proposing unrestricted spraying of these harmful chemicals to control insects like mosquitoes and ticks. But broadcast spraying of pesticides is both ineffective and dangerous.

Rather than taking proactive measures to address mosquito breeding at the source, Governor Baker’s proposal only puts a toxic band-aid on the problem.

Cities and towns across Massachusetts know that pesticides are not the answer. Neighbors across the state have pushed town after town to go pesticide-free. There are safer and more effective ways to manage risks from mosquitoes and ticks that do not have harmful impacts on public health. But Governor Baker is proposing to use widespread pesticide spraying instead of exploring safer options.

This bill would override every other law on the books, including the right of property owners, organic farms, and pollinator-friendly towns to opt out of broadcast pesticide spraying, and it doesn’t include any provisions for notifying the public when spraying will happen.

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